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Mountain Cooking - Recipes From Appalachia

Mountain Cooking - Recipes from Appalachia

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An illustrated cookbook with commentary. Mountain Cooking is a collection of recipes—some new and others very old, with commentary. It introduces Appalachian food--a unique blend of the recipes brought by settlers --Cajun, French, German, Scots, escaped slaves and those prepared by the native Cherokee.


These recipes represent a merging of all the cuisines of the people who live in the high country from New York south to Georgia.  Mountain food is born of fresh ingredients, wild plants and game. It fed small farmers with little ground. They hunted a great deal and gathered what was wild.


The mountaineers were cash poor but masters of self sufficiency.  They farmed what the mountain land would support and made the best of it.  Mountain cooking is not “Southern.” It is truly, “Mountain Food.”  It is, quite simply “Soul Food.”  Some recipes are very old others more recent.  But these are all dishes you can find today on tables throughout Appalachia. The Authors:  


Alan Hall lived in Amherst, MA, but has since passed away.. He was the author of The Wild Food Trailguide, a guide to edible plants. Bonnie Marie Morris  is an avid wild food forager and herbalist. Her business, Wild Pantry, collects native plants for food and medicinal use.  


Mountain Cooking can be ordered from Amazon.  Local booksellers may have it or can order it.  If you have trouble finding a copy, email Bonnie Marie Morris.   Publisher: Amazon/ Booksurge - List price: $20.99 Pages: 208 - ISBN: 1-4392-5523-7 Copyright 2009, Bonnie Marie Morris and Alan Hall Email  if you want to order Mountain Cooking.





Midwest Foraging: 115 Wild and Flavorful Edibles from Burdock to Wild Peach (Regional Foraging Series)


















  Foraging With The "Wildman." - Part I Wild Edible Basics - A video series dedicated to the edible and medicinal wild plants and mushrooms of North America. 

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