Wild Spices are now available

Email for price and available with. All are available with Mediterranean  pink salt blend or simply the main ingredient alone. Click on thumbnail for larger image.


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Wild garlic, wild onion, and field pennycress spices.  $8.00/each plus shipping. Email to order.


Osage Orange / Hedge Apples / Monkey Balls /

Bois D'arc (Maclura pomifera)


 - (average shelf life is approx. 3 months if not sliced) $3.00/each, plus shipping. Shipping costs depends on zip code. Email to order.



Click on links below for info. about Osage Oranges


Research is indicating that osage oranges can possibly shrink cancerous tumors. Do your own research online. Here are some sites that offer some info. on it:






May Repel Cockroaches


I do have osage orange tincture which can be used in a spray bottle to spray around the inside of your cupboards, under the kitchen sink or where ever you want to spray it as an insect repellant.


It's also good to take daily mixed with water.


Please email us if you want to order.



More Specials!




Fall acorns, hickory nuts, and black walnuts are available in the fall! Click link



Jerusalem Artichokes aka Sunchokes


Fresh tubers are available from October to  late winter. Email if you want to get these nutritious tubers. Can be substituted for any white potato recipe and especially a good diet food for diabetics who cannot eat white potatoes or white rice.


Click link for some useful information on another site not affiliated with Wild Pantry:


Sunchokes: Beneficial Food For People With Diabetes And Those Who Want To Prevent Diseases While Maintaining Good Health


Please note that prices can change at any time as we update our site when time is available. Please email us if you have any questions regarding prices.


We reserve the right to refuse to supply any company or person for any reason.