Natural plant dyes


Yellowroot (Xanthorhiza simplicissima)
1 oz. - $3.00 - 4 oz. - $10.50 - 8 oz. $20.00 - 16 oz. - $45.00 + shipping. Email us to order.


Poke berries, dried whole - magenta color - 1 lb. $45.00 + shipping.


Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) - berries, dried - violet - lilac (dyes wool - mordant/additive required, alum for violet, alum & salt for lilac).


1 ounce $3.00, 4 ounces $11.00, 8 ounces $23.00, 16 ounces $35.00 + shipping. Email us to order.


Elderberry leaves, dried - gives a lemon yellow color - dyes wool - mordant/additive required, alum.
Please email Marie or for prices and availability. Email us to order.


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Rock Tripe aka Blood Leather - $25.00/lb plus shipping.  Email us to order.


Bark Berry Baskets - unique, one of a kind, handcrafted from yellow popular bark. Different sizes, different prices. With or without embellishments. Please email Marie for prices.

Cedar Roses (Deodar cedar) - these cones look like little wooden roses. $.50/each or 25 for $10.00 + shipping. email Marie for ordering. Currently out of stock

Pine cones - we have plenty of pine cones!


Email for availability

Great for crafts and dried flora arrangements

Various sizes - $1.00/each, plus shipping



Creek Cane / Switch Cane- (resembles bamboo but smaller) dried, natural. Specify size and amount when ordering.
12 inches - $10.00/dozen + shipping.
18 inches - $12.00/dozen + shipping.
24 inches - $15.00/dozen + shipping.


Horsetail grass - Scouring Rush, Shave Grass -  (Equisetum hyemale )- $15.00/20 stems/18-20 inches + shipping.

Horsetail grass belongs to one of the oldest plant families on earth. It has beautiful, jointed stems and resembles bamboo. If you have any questions about our products please give us a call at (423) 371-1518 (cell) or email us at your convenience.



The crafts below are linked to individual websites that sell them. We have no control over the other site's content. We simply list this as an example of what you can do with craft ideas. Please visit their pages to see their very unique and cute critters!

Teasel hedgehog craft (click here) by Karen Allard



deer Viette's Beautiful Gardens

Teasel Reindeer instructions





Kitty Critters & Other Critters

BrensCritters - cute crafts already made - click image to go to BrensCritter's page.


Adorable little creature


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