If you have any questions about our products please give us a call at (423) 371-1518 (cell) or email us at your convenience.


We are not currently hiring permanent employees or staff at Wild Pantry. Most of the harvest we do is seasonal. If you wish to assist in harvesting specific plants, please email Wild Pantry. You must be able to positively ID the plant(s) you wish to harvest for us.


We are not currently buying any roots, herbs, etc. at this time.


If you have items that you wish to sell, please do a Google search and look for the large herb companies like Mountain Rose Herbs, Penn Herbs, or Horizon Herbs websites and contact those companies.


Most herb companies want specific herbs and a very low price to you. Your chances of selling your products is to have a website, a blog, or a Facebook site that lists your plants and herbs for sale.


Also, try selling your items at your local farmer's market. Most larger towns have at least one place where you can sell your plants, even large flea markets are a low cost way to market them.


Here's a possible list of contacts for you to try:









We no longer pay for herbs up front before you ship the product as we have been burned just too many times in the past. You can thank very dishonest people for that rule.


 If you want us to buy your herbs and mushrooms you will have to send us a small sample so we can ascertain the quality and positive ID of the material.


Then if we agree to purchase the product, you must ship the product to us for inspection and if the product passes inspection, we will then issue immediate payment or we will return the product to you at your expense for shipping. There are no exceptions.


Some of the items needed are:




queen anne's lace seeds - aka wild carrot seeds - Daucus carota ssp. carota - this is not the domestic carrot.

Wildcrafters MUST know the difference between wild carrot and poison hemlock. There are no second chances with this plant. There is no antidote for this poison.


poke berries - dried


beech nuts - Fagus grandifolia

balm of gilead buds - Populus balsamifera

autumn olive berries - Elaeagnus umbellata

goldenseal - Pedicularis canadensis

wood betony -


wild American ginseng (not cultivated) - plant must be at least 7 years old (most 4-pronged plants)


pink lady's slipper root


Carolina Alspice (berries, dried) - Lindera benzoin


Mushrooms: (dried only)

Lion's Mane, USA Chaga mushroom,

Hen of the woods - Mitake, latin - Grifola frondosa



Please note that prices can change at any time as we update our site when time is available. Please email us if you have any questions regarding prices.


We reserve the right to refuse to supply any company or person for any reason.