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Wild Pantry is currently seeking plant savvy individuals to ethically wild harvest specific herbs (plants) and edible wild mushrooms.  All plants and/or mushrooms must be ethically wild harvested from either public or private lands and must be free of contaminants such as would be found along major highways or other sources.


This would be seasonal type work and not as a full time or part time employee of Wild Pantry. We do not employ harvesters/pickers. We simply purchase plants and/or mushrooms from individuals who already  have them for sale.


If you can't positively ID the plants please find an experienced person who can point them out for you. A mistaken identification can cost someone their life or health.


We do not have a complete list of the plants we need nor do we have a list of what we pay for these plants. We have to check the herb market to see what the other buyers are paying, then give a quote. You will not get paid 1/2 of what we sell the plant for on our website due to the costs we incur running our business. The profit margin is slim in this type of business, but you can earn a good bit of money selling dried plants. Wild Pantry pays much more than some of the online herb buyers.


We no longer pay for herbs up front before you ship the product as we have been burned just too many times in the past. You can thank very dishonest people for that rule.


 If you want us to buy your herbs and mushrooms you will have to send us a small sample so we can ascertain the quality and positive ID of the material. Then if we agree to purchase the product, you must ship the product to us and we will then issue immediate payment or we will return the product to you at your expense for shipping. There are no exceptions.


Some of the items needed are:




queen anne's lace seeds - aka wild carrot seeds - Daucus carota - this is not the domestic carrot. Wildcrafters MUST know the difference between wild carrot and poison hemlock. There are no second chances with this plant. There is no antidote for this poison.


poke berries - dried

beech nuts - Fagus grandifolia

balm of gilead buds - Populus balsamifera

bergamot (purple bee balm) -  Monarda fistulosa

bergamot (scarlet bee balm) - Monarda didyma)

bergamot (lemon bee balm) - Monarda citriodora

smooth sumac berries (ripe)

autumn olive berries - Elaeagnus umbellata

goldenseal - Pedicularis canadensis

wood betony -

wild American ginseng (not cultivated) - plant must be at least 7 years old (most 4-pronged plants)

pink lady's slipper root

bethroot - Trillium pendulum (WILLD.) Trillium erectum (LINN.)

sassafras root

wild white sage -

black haw berries, dried - Viburnum Prunifolim

Carolina Alspice (berries, dried) - Lindera benzoin




morel mushrooms

hen of the woods - Mitake, latin - Grifola frondosa



Please note that prices can change at any time as we update our site when time is available. Please email us if you have any questions regarding prices.


We reserve the right to refuse to supply any company or person for any reason.